Investing beginners wanting to be wealthy, start with Index Mutual Funds

We are taught various subjects in school with the glaring exception of money, finance, investing. We all want to be wealthy but no one teaches us how to be wealthy. For the average person becoming wealthy will take time and effort. For most becoming wealthy seems such an impossible dream that the don’t even plan for. The solution for this is to think big and start small and keep building on it, a step at a time. Continue reading “Investing beginners wanting to be wealthy, start with Index Mutual Funds”

How to identify stocks to invest in?

We have a very simple approach to investing stocks. In our simple approach to investing in stocks we have one like and one dislike. We LIKE to make a lot of money. We DISLIKE losing money. We are quite patient and in no hurry to make lots of money. So we invest in the long term without worrying about the short term prices. So this is how we do it. Continue reading “How to identify stocks to invest in?”