Are you an investor?

If you are not an investor then it may be a waste of time, spending your time out here. So before you enter this place please take a step back and reassure yourself that you are an investor for sure.

So how can we be sure whether we are an investor or not. For this, I have a simple test.
You are an investor if you worry more about the state of the business whose stock you have purchased than the stock price.

Many a time I do not clearly remember the buy price of my stocks. For days, I may not know the current price of the stock I own.  I find it to be a boring task, checking out the stock prices every day, hour and minute. I have a job, I have to focus on that, and I cannot waste time checking stock prices every minute even though I have them on my phone. I would only have a feel of whether I am making or losing money on my stocks.

What I remember is every news about the company whose stock I have. I never miss to search for news regarding the company. It can be the most obscure news item about the company, but I need to read it. News about the company interests me. Not a single day would pass by when I have not searched for news about the company.

News helps me shape my view on the company and whether I would make or lose money on it. It is the news flow around the company would help me decide whether I need to stay invested with a company or whether I need to sell and move out.

My focus on the business as determined by the news flow rather than the stock prices makes me an investor.

Are you an investor or a trader?

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